Quality Assurance Equipment

Inspection Equipment_KGD Aerospace Manufacturing

Inspection Equipment

Standard micrometers, calipers, gauge blocks, plug gages, thread gages and all inspection equipment is under calibration control.

  • 1-Mitutoyo Optical Comparator, Model PH14LS
  • 1-Fellows 14T Optical Comparator with QuadraCheck 2000
  • 1-Wilson Hardness Tester
  • 5-Federal Air Gage with various rings and probes
  • 1-Mitutoyo Surface Analyzer
  • 6-Mitutoyo Height Gages, up to 24”
  • 2-Dakota Ultrasonics, Ultrasonic micrometer model DX-1
  • 1-Hexagonal CMM
Calibration Equipment_KGD Aerospace Manufacturing

Calibration Equipment

Calibration equipment, whether company-owned or employee-owned, is checked and verified yearly.