Factory Equipment

Kansas Gun Drilling would like to announce we now have two new gun drilling machines that have added to our capacity and we also purchased a full automatic surface grinder to our grinding department.

CNC Lathes:

  • 1-Okuma Captain, Model L370SB, CNC Lathe with Kit A
  • 1-Okuma Captain, Model L370M, CNC Lathe with Tailstock
  • 1-Okuma Crown, Model L1060, CNC Lathe with Tailstock
  • 1-Okuma Cadet, Model LNC-8C, CNC Lathe with Tailstock
  • 1-Okuma Cadet, Model LNC-8BB, CNC Lathe with Tailstock

CNC Mills:

  • 1-Okuma 3-Axis MX45VAE Vertical Milling Machine
  • 1-Okuma 4-Axis Genos M560-V Vertical Milling Machine (15k RPM Spindle) 20" X 40"

CNC Mill/Turns:

  • 1- Okuma Captain, Model L370M, CNC Mill/Turn with Tailstock
  • 1- Okuma Space Turn LB3000EX-M, Model L370M, CNC Mill/Turn with Programmable Tailstock. 15" chuck


  • 1-Dehoff W1-60D 3" diameter X 60" length
  • 2-Eldorado Mega 75 Gun Drilling Machine
  • 1-Eldorado Mega 50 Gun Drilling Machine
  • 2-Pratt and Whitney Gun Drilling Machine, Double Spindle Model 1B-74
  • 1-Barnes Gun Drilling Machine

Conventional Machines:

  • 1-Hardinge Tool Room Lathe, Model HLV-H
  • 1-Hardinge Super -Precision Lathe, Model DSM-A
  • 2-Sunnen Honing Machines, Model #MBB-1660
  • 2-Supermax Vertical Mill with Power Feed, 9in. X 42 in. table, digital positioning
  • 1-Dayton Drill Press, 1/2" capacity
  • 1-Target Drill Press, Model 29036-TT6, 13mm capacity
  • 1-Precision Jet Drill Press, Model F-D60
  • 1-Automatic HE&M Horizontal band saw, Model H90A-1

Grinding Machines:

  • 1-Okamoto MDI 12" x 60" Cylindrical Grinder with Marposs Gaging System. Model OGM 1260P111
  • 1-Acer Supra 14" x 28" Surface Grinder. Model 1428AHD
  • 1-Cincinnati #2 Centerless Grinder Thru Feed
  • 1-Cincinnati #2 Centerless Grinder End/In Feed
  • 1-Landis 4" x 12" Cylindrical Grinder
  • 1-Landis 10" x 48" Cylindrical Grinder
  • 1-Rivett 2" x 4" ID Grinder
  • 1-Bryant 16" x 38" ID Grinder

Inspection Equipment:

  • 1-Mitutoyo Optical Comparator, Model PH14LS
  • 1-Fellows 14T Optical Comparator with QuadraCheck 2000
  • 1-Wilson Hardness Tester
  • 5-Federal Air Gage with various Ring and Probes
  • 1-Mitutoyo Surface Analyzer
  • 6-Mitutoyo Height Gages, Up to 24"
  • 2-Dakota Ultrasonics, Ultrasonic micrometer model DX-1
  • Standard Micrometers, calipers, gage blocks, plug gages, thread gages and All inspection equipment under calibration control.

Software / Management Systems:

  • Shoptech E2 ERP Shop Management Sytem with 4 seats
  • Mastercam Programming Software with Catia Moldplus and MBD addons.